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Tourmaline, October's Birthstone

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Birthstones for November, Part 2: Tourmaline

Tourmaline Crystal Necklace
Bicolored Tourmaline Necklace 6497
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - # 6497

One memorable day, some thirty years ago, when Mitsuko and I were visiting the Smithsonian Mineral and Gem Exhibit, we came upon a six-sided, transparent crystal, three feet tall and perhaps 15 inches in diameter at its beautiful, verdant green base. We became transfixed by a gradual and indefinable shift in color, as finally transmuting into an enchanting pastel pink as the crystal sloped to termination at its apex.

Upon observing this marvelous crystal, Mitsuko halted abruptly and, quite literally, sat on the floor. Ignoring the other Smithsonian visitors,she began a silent conversation with the extrodinaryly beautiful tourmaline.

"You are such a wonderful gift from the Nature for us to see you."

* * *

Even now, Mitsuko vividly remembers her "Talk with Tourmaline". As with Mitsuko, some of our friends have experienced a talk with Tourmaline. As have I.

Bicolored Tourmaline Necklace
Tourmaline Necklace - # 8978
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - # $280

Pink Tourmaline, Diamonds, 14K
Pink Tourmaline Earrings, Diamonds 14K 8975
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order # 8975

Tourmaline, Sterling Silver
Tourmaline Bicolored Silver Earrings 8962
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - 962


Mitsuko's "talk with Tourmaline" has inspired her for years to design jewelry that would bring out the potential of each tourmaline gem, be it rough crystal, en cabochon, or faceted. As an example, one of my treasures is an 18 Karat gold ring designed by Mitsuko. In the center of a my ring which suggests an eye lid, is a deep-green Tourmaline cabochon with a very distinct cat's eye. Set in Mitsuko’s design, this Tourmaline seems bemused by the contradictory uses we make of our time in this world. That's what it says to me, at least, in my talks with this Cat’s Eye.

Since tourmaline has a hardness of 7 to 7.5, it is suitable for rings as well as for pendants and earrings. Its vitreous luster imparts a gentleness not found in diamonds, sapphires or rubies. Furthermore, its optic nature means that two values, in some cases, of the same color or, in other cases, of different colors, are often discovered in the same gem.


Tourmaline, birthstone for October and 8th anniversary gemstone, offers exceptional value as a gem. It is brilliant and durable, and is available in many colors and varieties at affordable prices. May you have some interesting talks when your find your Tourmaline. 

P. S. Follow the links to learn more about this fascinating and beautiful gemstone.

Rubelite, Diamonds 14K Ring
Rubelite and Diamond Ring 8973
# 8973

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