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Topaz, November Birthstone

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"Who first comes to this world below
With dreary November's fog and snow
Should prize the Topaz's amber hue -
Emblem of friends and lover's true."

Tagore's choice of Amber Topaz as November's birthstone befits the season. I feel an amber-toned melancholy as I watch leaves - orangy-red, yellow, and brown - ambling wind-mercied through Autumn's air, falling hither and there to the pavement where they crunch underfoot of those purposeful pedestrians who pass by the door of Shinjyu Jewelry Company. In this mood I remember the pleasures of good friends enjoying the comfort of an open fire chuckling oranges, reds, and yellows - the warmth of Topaz.

Topaz's amber hue is, without a doubt, evocative of true friends and lovers assured that firewood has been laid in, that homes are in good repair, that food is plentiful in the larder, and that out of the barrenness of the coming Winter will surely spring a bountiful new year.


Topaz evokes a certain emotional set: strength, honesty, determination, fruitfulness and optimism - one that gives a passionate fire purpose by building it in a secure and well-constructed fireplace.

Topaz has been used - with or without a fireplace - for the treatment of such maladies as lack of courage, depression, and feelings of annoyance.


Topaz occurs in many places around the world.


Topaz, a silicate with the hardness of 8, wears well in rings. It is not as hard as diamond or ruby, but it is harder than emerald or garnet. It also has a unique slippery feel about it, unlike any other gemstone that comes to mind.

People have jewelry designed with topaz for many occasions besides November birthdays, sixteenth wedding anniversaries for instance. Blue Topaz is used to celebrate fourth wedding anniversaries and Imperial Topaz, twenty-third wedding anniversaries. It is also the gemstone for people named Thomas, for the state of Utah, as well as four in the afternoon - a good time to meet with friends for tea or happy hour.


Topaz has been discovered in a wide range of colors besides amber: blue, clear, golden brown, gold, green , gray, orange, pink, red, sherry, teal, violetish-red,white and yellow. In addition, Topaz is dichroic  so that two colors radiate from the gemstone, adding further dimension and appeal to Topaz which has been properly cut.

As to value, in general the highest priced topaz has a violetish red color, followed in descending order by sherry, blue, and yellow. Lately, many customers have been requesting blue Topaz.

The most coveted topaz, irrespective of color,  has a luscious transparency, a slightly velvety body and a sub-adamantine luster. The harshness you might perceive at first impression of topaz because of its luster becomes more delightful by the soft inner personality one discovers while exploring the complexities of a particular topaz gemstone. These properties command a high value, regardless of color.

On the topic of color and value, topaz can be treated for color enhancement in a number of ways. Be assured that a reputable firm will honor its obligation by Federal law to revel any enhancements that a particular topaz might have undergone.


You should keep in mind that, during its long history, everything presented as topaz has not been topaz. For instance, your Grandmother's Smokey Topaz ring might really be set with a pretender to the throne, Smokey Quartz.

A beautiful and true topaz mounted well in an approprate design is a desirable part of anyone's jewelry collection. It is a durable gemstone with an especial appeal. Topaz's long history and its special attributes contribute to its desirability. And, as I have pointed out, Topaz occurs in many colors. My favorite color, though is amber, for I like autumn leaves and good friends around an open fire.

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