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Attributes of Topaz

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Topaz as a Life-Enhancing Gemstone

Topaz is considered the gem of strength, optimism, honest, determination, success and fruitfulness. It will confer cheerfulness, calm passions, and prevent bad dreams. If you do dream of topaz, no harm will befall you since it acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness. Topaz also instills trust in the workings of the universe and promotes the release of annoyance brought on by doubt.

In BOOK OF WINGS (13TH CENTURY AD) Ragiel wrote that a figure of a falcon engraved or mounted on a topaz would ensure the good will of kings, princes and magnates.

The combination of topaz and amethyst in jewelry facilitates the laws of attraction and manifestation for the good of all. Amethyst adds spirituality to the practicality of topaz to produce a soothing, clearing and stabilizing effect.`

Blue Topaz stimulates the throat chakra to help a person clearly verbalize whatever he or she might desire to communicate.

Since Golden Topaz stores information, energy and thoughts, it can be used to further one's quest for an enlightened state of being by aiding conscious communication with the rational principal by which the Universe operates.

Rutilated Topaz has been called a "stone of enchantment." (The inclusions are actually goethite, not rutile.) Like other forms of topaz, Rutilated Topaz acts to facilitate the manifestation of those ideals relative to business, possessions, understanding, appreciation, and healing.

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