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Enhancements to Topaz

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Various Treatments to Enhance the Color of Topaz

Until the middle of the Twentieth Century, topaz had been generally known as a gemstone with a range of amber color values, even though other valuable colors had been found in smaller quantities here and there. Hence the reference to the Autumn leaves and open fires of November in the Topaz home page. Sometime in the 1950's though miners and gemstone dealers began to treat pale topaz stones by combining radiation and heat to change the color to a desirable blue. Soon, people discovered that other colors could be coaxed out of rough topaz crystals. As an instance, Golden Brown Topaz from Ouro Treto, Brazil, can be converted to a pretty pink by heating.

Below, I have listed some of the treatments used on topaz to enhance its color as well as the stability you might reasonably expect. For such information I rely primarily on the American Gem Society.

There has been some concern about the safely of irradiated Topaz so that such irradiation is now restricted to certain laboratories before it can be sold in the United States.

Enhancements Techniques for Topaz
*Usually done
Excellent stability

Use normal care
Irradiation to
intensify color

*used occasionally
Stability variable

Specific care required:
avoid sunlight
Heating of
chrome bearing
pinkish brown to
orange stones

*Usually done
Excellent stability

Normal care
No enhancement
Special care

May fade when exposed to sunlight

*Poor Stability
Extra special care needed.

Will fade in the sunlight.

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