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Carnelian, Zodiac Gemstone for Leo

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Carnelian, the Zodiac gemstone for Leo, is a beautiful, sensuous, translucent orange gemstone.  The word "carnelian" is derived from the Latin word "carnis" and brings to mind the fleshy color that is unique to carnelian.   Carnelian jewelry is often given as an offering of love.
Carnelian Sterling Silver Ring  #5015
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Carnelian was considered to be  a precious gemstone during ancient times. 

During the ancient Egyptian period, carnelian symbolized blood.  Many Egyptian tombs had much carnelian jewelry, seemingly used as an aid to cross over to the other world.

Islamic heritage has it that the Prophet himself wore a carnelian set in a silver ring on the little finger of the right hand. This carnelian was engraved as a seal. An engraved carnelian with the name of Allah boasts courage.

In European history, carnelian was the gem of choice for intaglios from the bronze age until late Roman times.

Many influences have been attributed to Carnelian over the years.  For instance, it is said that carnelian increases physical energy, person  power, creativity and compassion.  By the same token it is said to dispel apathy, indolence and passivity. It enhances passion and desire. Carnelian clears negative energy both from other gemstones as well as from living areas. It is said also to be a gemstone of the first and second Chakras and is recommended by practitioners of Yoga for infertility or impotence.

We give this information only as a matter of interest in gemstone lore and do not intend such as medical or psychological advice.


Much of our carnelian comes form Uruguay.  Other sources are Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, India, Zimbabwe and The United States.

Carnelian, a form of quartz, is a fairly tough gemstone with a hardness of 7- the same as Amethyst, for instance and is a suitable gemstone for jewelry in that respect.  It might be heat treated.  Such treatment, if there is any, would be permanent.

Carnelian is usually CUT en cabochon for rings and pendants.  Inspect the shape of the cabochon to make sure it is well domed, has good symmetry and is well polished.
Carnelian is also cut in such shapes  as beads, teardrops, briolettes.  Such cuts are very attractive in necklaces and earrings.

As for COLOR, carnelian comes in semitransparent to translucent orange, reddish orange or  a low intensity red. Color is an important consideration when you choose a carnelian.  A semitransparent, intense orange is especially luscious.

Carnelian is available for a very fair price.  You can be selective in finding the cut, color and weight for the stones you want in your jewelry. Find the most beautiful carnelian you can.

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