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Links to our web pages about birthstones for each month as well as a list of anniversary gems:

Garnet: January's Birthstone

Amethyst: February's Birthstone

Aquamarine: March's Birthstone

Bloodstone: Alternative March Birthstone

Diamond: April's Birthstone

Emerald: May's Birthstone

Pearl: June's Birthstone

Ruby: July's Birthstone

Peridot: August's Birthstone

Carnelian: August Zodiac Gemstone

Sapphire: September's Birthstone

Lapis Lazuli: September Cabochon Gemstone

Opal: October's Birthstone

Tourmaline: October's Birthstone

Topaz: November's Birthstone

Blue Zircon: December's Birthstone

Tanzanite: December's Alternative Birthstone

Link to list of anniversary gems

If you are looking for jewelry created with a special gemstone, send us an e-mail. If you do not have the gemstone you desire, we have a supply of nice gemstones for you to select for jewelry created especially for you by Mitsuko. Please understand that we do not sell loose gemstones. Mitsuko creates jewelry incorporating the gemstones that attact you.


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