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Mitsuko has created each piece of jewelry on this page especially for someone. In that spirit, we present this gallery for your enjoyment and as a representation of her style. The jewelry on this page is not for sale and will not be reproduced.

Special Order 4576
Sterling Silver Pendant with Amber
Sterling Silver Amber Pendant

Special Order 6341
Chandelier Pearl Earrings - Special Order
Pearl Chandelier Earrings

Special Order 4637
Ring with Tanzanite and Keshi Pearls
White Gold Ring, Tanzanite and Keshi Pearls

Special Order 4261
Dangling Earrings, Cultivated Akoya+Keshi Pearls.
Cultivated Akoya and Keshi Pearl Dangling Earrings

Special Order 4247
Platinum Ring with Diamond - Special Order # 4247
Diamond Platinum Ring

Special Order 3539
"Butterfly with Pearls" Pin
"Butterflies with Pearls" Pin

Special Order 3402
Jadeite Pine in White Gold - Special Order 3402
Jadeite White Gold Pin

Special Order 3331
White Gold Ring with Pearls = Diam. Special OrdeR
Cultivated Akoya and SS Pearls White Gold Ring, Diamond Center

Special Order 7414
Ring, White Gold, Diamonds- Special Order
"Summer Sky in Oregan"

Special Order # 5809
Gold Pectoral Cross
Pectoral Cross


Note: Mitsuko uses Palladium as an alloy with Gold for casting White Gold Jewelry. She will use a Platinum alloy with Gold on request but will not use the Nickel Alloy that is the basis for much commercial white gold jewelry.  You see, many people have allergic reactions to nickel used this way.
Mitsuko would not want to cause you any harm.

CONTACT Telephone: (650) 421-6128

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"Jewelry Created Especially for You."