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Amethyst, February and Aquarius Birthstone

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"The February born shall find Sincerity and peace of mind, Freedom from passion and from care, If they, the amethyst will wear."

Amethysts are splendid gems displaying distinctive COLORS: pale lavenders, violets, mauves or deep purples.

14K Gold RIng, Amethyst Heart with Diamond Accents
Ring, Amethyst Heart, 4 Diamonds, 14K Yellow Gold
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In the LANGUAGE OF GEMS Amethyst conveys an intention for a true and loving relationship. If you want to convey your desire for a meaningful lasting relationship, give your love jewelry featuring Amethyst - perhaps a pendant ... a ring ... maybe a beautiful pair of earrings.

I understand that kindly SAINT VALENTINE, when he blessed lovers who sought his grace and protection, wore a ring featuring an exceptional Amethyst. On this wonderful gemstone had been engraved the image of Cupid. With this ring, Saint Valentine transformed lovers' lust into lasting devotion blessed with true love.


Once upon a time the hand of Fate entwined the lustful Bacchus, the chaste Goddess Dianne and the lovely YOUNG MAIDEN AMETHYST.

LINK - How Amethyst Got Its Name.

Amethyst set in 14K Gold Ring
Ring, Oval facet Amethyst set in 14 K Yellow Gold
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - # 3778

Amethyst set in 14Kt Gold Ring
Ring, Amythest,Oval,29carats,14K Yellow Gold
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LINK - "Historical Tidbits Surrounding Amethyst."

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Often you can tell the LOCATION where a particular natural Amethyst was MINED by its color. Sometimes, unfortunately, an IMITATION will display a color similar to a natural Amethyst.

Be assured that Mitsuko sets natural Amethysts in her jewelry.

LINK - Amethyst: Varieties, Imitations and Mining Sources.

Amethyst Heart Earrings with 14K Gold Posts
Amethyst Heart Earrings set in 14K Gold Posts
Inquire by phone or email for price- # 3731

Amethyst is safe in WARM, SOAPY WATER and is usually safe in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. However it is risky to clean Amethyst using a steamer.


Amethyst is quite REASONABLY PRICED. Even the cost of a larger, eye-clean Amethyst in a much-sought-after rich color is surprisingly reasonable. You might say that amethyst's value far exceeds its cost. That being said, you might as well select the Amethyst you really want.

As has been said many times, in many ways, you cannot afford not to BRING BEAUTY INTO YOUR LIFE.

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