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Freshwater Cultured Pearl Earrings Created by Mitsuko, Gallery Two
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We have large selection of Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea, Mabe as well as Keshi cultured pearl earrings created by Mitsuko. 

Select a pair from our six pearl earrings galleries or request a special order from Mitsuko.

Click here to email Mitsuko.

Freshwater Round Cultured Pearls

14K Yellow Gold Hoops
Freshwater Cultured Pearl Gold Hoop Earrings 5741
$495 - # 5741

Freshwater Oval Cultured Pearls

14K Yellow Gold Post Drop Earrings
Earrings, Drop Freshwater Cult. Pearls 14K
$138 - # 6449

Freshwater Baroque Cultured Pearls

14K Yellow Gold Hoops
Hoop earrings, freshwater cult. pearls, 14K -$280
$280 - # 8080

Freshwater Pear Cultured Pearls

14K Yellow Gold Fleur de Lis Wires
FreshwaterDrop Cut. Pearl Earrings,14K wires
$360 -# 5792

Freshwater Pear Cultured Pearls and Diamonds

14K White Gold Hoop Earrings
Teardrop Freshwater Cul. Pearl White Gold Earrings
$948 - # dscn 1003

Freshwater and Akoya Cultured Pearls

Sterling Silver Continental Wires
$240 - # 9198

Freshwater Pear Cultured Pearls

14K White Gold Continental Wires
Dangling Earrings, pear shaped freshwater pearls
$320 - # 9206

Freshwater Pear-Shaped Pearls, Clear Sapphires

14K White Gold Posts
14K Earrings,freshwater pear pearls, clear sapphires
$520 - # 9211

Freshwater Button Cultured Pearls, 4 mm.

Sterling Silver posts, freshwater cult. pearls 4mm
Earrings, Sterling posts, freshwater cult. pearls
$18 - #9236


Freshwater Potato Cultured Pearls

Sterling Silver Wires
"Swinging Pearls" Freshwater Pearls, Silver Wires
$89 - # 4312

Freshwater Peach-Color Cultured Pearls, Multicolor Tourmaline

Sterling Silver Continental Wires
Earrings,Silver,Freshwater Cult. Pearls+Tourmaline
$180 - #8829

Gift Box and Gift Wrapping upon request at no additional charge.


Telephone: (650) 421-6128

Send Mitsuko an email if you have an inquiry, if you want to make an appointment or if you want to arrange for a special order:

LINK - Send an email personally to Mitsuko.

LINK - Pearl Earrings Gallery One, Swinging Pearls

LINK -Pearl Earrings Gallery Three, Akoya Cultured Pearls

LINK - Pearl Earrings Gallery Four, Sterling Silver Dangling Biwa Cultured Pearls

LINK - Pearl Earrings Gallery Five, South Sea Cultured Pearls

LINK - Pearl Earrings Gallery Six, Mabe and Keshi Cultured Pearls

LINK - Portal to Jewelry Galleries

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