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Aquamarine -March and Pisces Birthstone

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I am always captivated by the blue of the fine aquamarine set in one of my favorite rings, a treasure that Mitsuko made for me many years ago. The blue of this very special aquamarine held by the gold of this ring brings to me remembrance of halcyon days when Mitsuko and I would walk hand in hand along the beaches of Santa Cruz on mild and sunny afternoons.

aquamarine Ring

As I daydream about those untroubled loving walks, I delight in the shifting blues of sky playing with ever-changing  greenish blues of the ocean and the sparking gold of the sun.  Such memories, ones that always live, bring a singular meditative harmony that, for me, only this aquamarine set in the ring made by Mitsuko can bestow.


You can find aquamarine in many subtle and varied shades of transparent blue: pastel blue, light blue, sea blue, greenish-blue, bluish-green, and sea green. Just imagine the ocean with all its majesty being held by a ring or a pendant;  you are beholding a fine aquamarine.

No  wonder, then, that many cultures have attributed  powers of healing and self-growth to aquamarine gemstones.

Click here - The Traditions and Lore of Aquamarine

Fortunately, beautiful aquamarine crystals can still been found in many parts of the world.

Click here - Sources and Varieties of Aquamarine Gemstones

Unfortunately, however, imitation aquamarines are in the marketplace. We assure you that Mitsuko incorporates only natural Aquamarines in her jewelry.

Click here - Aquamarine Imitations and Substitutes


Select Aquamarine gemstones in a specific blue and green color range that is becoming. This beautiful gem is so versatile that you will be able to find just the right hue and tone to complement your skin tone and to show the color of your eyes to advantage.

Perhaps you prefer a fine blue Aquamarine with diamond accents mounted in platinum jewelry. On the other hand, you might want to own Aquamarine gemstones mounted in yellow gold, combining the brightness of its metallic golden color with the subtleness of aquamarine's special bluishness.

Mitsuko will help you to finding the right aquamarine gemstones for the jewelry you ask her to create. Here are some guidelines Mitsuko considers when searching for desirable Aquamarine gems.

Link - Finding the Right Aquamarine Gems for Your Jewelry.


Clean Aquamarine jewelry in warm, soapy water. If your Aquamarine gemstones are clear, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner or a steamer. However if you can see inclusions or feathers, do not use a either steamer or an ultrasonic cleaner.

The birthstone for March is a tough gemstone. It is not as fragile as its sister Emerald. (Both are of the Beryl family, the distinction being the gemstone’s color.) Aquamarine, well cared for, can be worn every day.


You readily can find Aquamarine gemstones with excellent color and clarity. Further, if you are willing to search a bit, you can can acquire large and dramatic Aquamarine gems for your jewelry at quite reasonable prices.

For me the blues and greens of a fine Aquamarine bring a certain contentment, a peace that befalls as I meander in my memory on a certain beach on a sunny day. During such a time, the blues and greens of the vast sky and the sea invite me to a feeling of acceptance of the world and my place in it.

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