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Diamond, April's Birthstone in Sacramento

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"She who from April dates her years
Diamonds should were, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow. This stone
Emblem of innocence is known.
Innocence, repentance - sun and shower -
the her dower."
- author unknown
(from Kunz, p. 328)

Diamond Ring in 14 K Gold called Cascading Heartss
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Each Diamond has the innocent beauty of the true maturity a person acquires only by fully embracing both the perils and the pleasures of life's journey. Such mature innocence seems much like the innocence of a newly born child. In truth, though, it is the innocence of a life fully realized.

# 3942
14 Karat Yellow Gold Ring with 6 Diamonds
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A diamond's dense structure of pure carbon forms as it journeys from deep within the Earth, being hardened while riding a glowing river of molten magma, to the surface. Not all diamonds survive such a difficult journey.

The diamond that has survived such a journey has such clarity as has the mature innocence of an experience-tested adult who appears, upon first meeting, to have much in common with the innocence of a newly-born child.


Diamonds are the most precious of the precious among the five gemstones known collectively as the Maharatnani ( the Five Chief Gems) in the Hindu tradition. While the other four gemstones of the Maharatnani - Pearls, Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds - are very beautiful, Diamonds hold an especial desirability. 


So, you may ask, what is Diamond's special attractiveness? There are many explainations.. I like the one found in an early myth about the creation of the Diamond:

Click here to learn of the "Legend of the Creation of the Diamond".

Wedding Ring Designed to Order
Platinum Engagement Ring with Diamonds
Platinum Engagement Ring with 1 carat Diamond and Two Side Diamonds


Another reason for Diamond's attractiveness is its special relationship with light. When light passes through a well-cut Diamond, a marvelous beaulty returns to delight you. Optical characteristics such as luster, brilliance, dispersion (fire), scintillation, and color combine to give a Diamond such exceptional radiance and beauty.

Click here to learn more about the terms "Luster", "Brilliancy", "Dispersion" and "Scintillation?

Cognac Diamond in Gold Ring
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Color is integral to the way Diamond delights the eye.
There are two ways of thinking about a diamond's color.

First of all, when you choose a "colorless diamond", you will discover that its degree of transparency, when considered with its degree of clarity, its cut and its carat weight, will determine this diamond's price. A colorless diamond is either colorless or lightly tinted, usually a brown, a yellow, or a gray. The deeper the tint, the less the price.

You might also find "fancy" diamonds attractive. These Diamonds, natural or enhanced, occur in many colors. Usually, the deeper and more vivid the color, the higher the cost. Of course, natural colored diamonds are more valuable than those whose color has been enhanced. 

14 Karat White Gold Wide Band with Diamonds
#3909 - call or email for price

Click here for more about the colors of fancy diamonds.


Maybe you have had your head turned by diamond substitutes, enhanced diamonds or synthetic diamonds. While it is true that some of these imposters are obvious even to the untrained eye, others may fool you or woo you away from the most precious of the precious gemstones. To be certain, you should always buy a Diamond from a trained and reputable seller.

14 Karat White Gold Diamond Ring
14 Karat White Gold Ring with 5 Diamonds
call or email for special order # 4001

You may have been attracted to Diamonds the first time they flashed their charm or you may, like me, have acquired your appreciation of Diamonds' distinctive beauty over time. You may have done so either by way of your mind, your heart, or your soul.

Diamonds bring to us an understanding of a shared life of beauty, an innocent truth that is unchanged by time. As we have been enjoined: Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty - that is all we know and all we need to know. Such is the truth of an innocence that can only be gained by experiencing the fires and pressures during the times of our lives.

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