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Emerald, May's Birthstone

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"Who first beholds the light of day
In spring's sweet flow'ry month of May
And wears an emerald all her life,
Shall be a loved and happy wife.

No happier wife and mother in the land,
Than she with emerald shining on her hand"

Author Unknown (from Kunz)

Special Order
Emerald Chandeler Earrings
Emerald Earrings
The appealing green of an Emerald is unique. Such vital green suggests days in May when the sun shines warmly on our shoulders - Flowers, trees and grasses full of expanding green, birds singing of the goodness of life, gentle blue sky embracing expansive white clouds. During such moments filled with simple pleasures we fill blesseed and all seems right with the world.

Of course, we know that all is not right with this world - these days, far from it. However, neither does such terrible darkness mean that all is wrong with the world. Far from it. In fact, least you and I forget, much is right with our lives.

Meditate on an Emerald and be thankful, glad for such good that is in our lives.


Technically, an Emerald is a beryl, a very special beryl with medium-light to medium-dark tones of slightly bluish-green to slightly yellowish-green hues.

Emerald's very intense, vital green is delightful. Such enchanting green is one reason why Emerald gemstones are in the first rank of precious gemstones. In the Hindu tradition, emerald is one of the Maharatnani - the five great gems. (The others are Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, and Sapphire.)

Of these five gems, Emerald especially symbolizes the beauty and the promise of new life filled with faith, goodness, and kindness.

Leaves and Dewdrops Motif
Emerald set in 14 Karat Yellow Gold
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Pliny,that wonderful Roman scholar, has written the following: 

"Indeed, no stone has a color that is more delightful to the eye, for, whereas the sight fixes itself with avidity upon the green grass and the foliage of the trees, we have of the more pleasure in looking upon the emerald, there being no green in existence more intense than this. And then, besides, of all the precious stones, this is the only one that feeds the sight without stifling it. Neither sunshine, shade nor artificial light effects any change in its appearance; it has always a softened and graduated brilliancy."

Emerald 14K Ring
Emerald, pear-shaped in 14K yellow gold ring
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