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Pearls, Our Inspiration as well a Birthstone for June

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"My life has been truly blessed" - Mitsuko about her love of pearls

Her special relationship began when Mitsuko was a small girl when she found a pearl in her New Year's soup.

She recalls, "I knew there was a mystery that would shape my life."

LINK - "Mitsuko's Most Wonderful Encounter with Her First Pearl".

Black Cultured South Sea Pearl Gold Earrings
Black South Sea Cultured Pearl Gold Earrings
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - # 8079

Circle Brooch 14KY Gold with Diamonds and Rubies
email or call Mitsuko for inquiry - # 6438
email or call Mitsuko for inquiry - # 6438

"Swinging Pearls"
"Swinging Pearls" Freshwater Cultured Pearls on 14
Inquire by email or phone for order and price - #6121

"The pearl comes to us perfect and beautiful,
direct from the hand of nature."

Pearls are gifts from the sea, cherished in the earliest written records. As well, no doubt because of their eye catching and organic nature, pearls have been prized as gems long before recorded history.

Pearls are exquisite gems ready to be set in jewelry, unlike those gems,diamonds or rubies for instance, which owe much of their beauty to the skill of a master stone cutter.

LINK - How and Where Pearls Grow

South Sea Cultured Pearl set in 14K ring
South Sea Cultured Pearl set in 14K ring
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - # 5912

Biwa Cultured Pearl Ring
Biwa Pearl Ring made to special order- #5926.jpg
# 5926 (by special order)

Sterling Silver Band with Cultured Pearl
Silver Ring, Pearl, Leaves+ Dewdrops design #5877
Phone or email Mitsuko with an inquiry or a special order - #5877

LINK - Lore surrounding pearls

Fortunately for those of us who treasure pearls, several notable and outstanding pearls have been given the care that they deserve and so have survived the ravishes of time.

LINK - Notable Historic Pearls.

If you have been shopping for pearl jewelry, you already know that there is not an internationally agreed upon descriptive system for grading pearls - such as the definative system for grading diamonds as developed by the Gemological Institute of America.

Until such an internationally system is developed, Mitsuko, based on her extensive experience, will apply the following set of standards for selecting pearls: NACRE QUALITY, LUSTER, SURFACE QUALITY, SHAPE, BODY COLOR, OVERTONE, SIZE and MATCHING. Finally, there is RARITY.

LINK - Mitsuko recommends this pearl grading system.

LINK - The Many Varieties of Pearls for Your Jewelry.

LINK - The Pearl Necklace

Yes there are imitation pearls sold as "real" in the marketplace. Mitsuko finds such deceptions regrettable, especially given the fact that there are such beautiful pearls, both natural and cultivated, to incorporated in your jewelry. Be assured that Mitsuko will use only genuine pearls in her jewelry. Further, Mitsuko wants you to be sure not to buy imitations. They are really not so beautiful after all.

LINK - Mediocre Imitation Pearls

After you acquire a favorite piece of pearl jewelry, it needs special care from time to time. You will be rewarded for years to come for your attention. As well, your heirs will thank you for maintaining the beauty of the pearl jewelry that has come to them through you.

LINK - Caring for Your Pearl Jewelry

Mitsuko thinks that natural pearls are like beautiful original wood that is crafted into fine furniture made entirely of true wood. By way of comparison, the nacre of a cultured pearl can be thought of as a veneer of a certain thickness depending upon how long the oyster has lived in the water.

Unfortunately, today pearls are often harvested too early because of economic pressures or simply because of greed for a quick sale. Such pearls, taken before their time, are not allowed to mature to their potential beauty. This practice of taking short cuts is regrettable, but, fortunately, is distained by ethical pearl farmers.

By way of closing, Mitsuko urges that you keep your necklaces or other jewelry featuring old Japanese cultured pearls. Such special beauty is to be valued both for itself and for monetary reasons. The price of such treasures might have risen higher than you suspect.

LINK -The story of Mitsuko's First Pearl.

LINK -Contact Mitsuko by email.

LINK - Birthstone Page.

LINK - Portal to Jewelry Galleries

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