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Peridot, August Birthstone, Libra Zodiac Gemstone

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Peridot, a most alluring green gemstone, is the birthstone for August as well as the Zodiac stone for Libra. Peridot (Pronounced PEAR-uh-doe, rather than PEAR-uh-dot) has a singular warm and velvety glow.
Peridot 14Kt gold earrings
Earrings, 14K yellow gold earrings, peridot
Inquire by email or phone for price # 4383

Peridot gemstones, notably those from Zararad, an island in the Red Sea, have been valued for centuries, both for their beauty as well as for their protective and healing attributes.

Some History about Peridot from Zabarad


Ring, 14Kt Gold, Peridot
Peridot 14K yellow gold ring
Sold- Please inquire # 4365

Unfortunately, some people know peridot by the name "evening emerald" because of peridot's tendency to appear more green under artificial light that it does under sunlight. Be assured that peridot is not a kind of emerald. Peridot is a beautiful, warm, green gemstone with an allure all its own.

Colors and Varieties of Peridot


Peridot with Biwa Cultured Pearls, Silver
Earrings Peridot and Biwa Cultured Pearls Dangling
Please inquire - # 8321

When you select peridot gemstones, you want to distinguish among those that are genuine and those that are suspect.

Distinguishing between genuine and not-so-genuine peridot

When you are satisfied that the gemstone that attracts you is genuine peridot, you will want to consider its color. The purer the green of the main body color, the more desirable the peridot. After you find the color you like, consider the peridot's clarity and cut.

Evaluating a Peridot Gemstone

14 Karat Gold, Peridot
Peridot 14K stud earrings # 4381b $189
Inquire by email or phone for price # 4381b


Mitsuko - when designing  custom-maded jewelry featuring peridot - respects both the special qualities of peridot as well as the particular gem's match with the personality of the person for whom she is creating the piece of jewelry.

When set in jewelry, the unique warm green of peridot will add gracefulness to your appearance when you are wearing pinks and yellows. On the other hand, you will have a professional look when you wear your peridot jewelry with blues and browns.

Peridot displays well with pearls, diamonds and moonstone. This gemstone is very attractive in earrings, brooches and lavaleirs (pendants); both as the central gemstone and as a companion to other gemstones such as pearls, diamonds and moonstone. 

Peridot should be set in rings for people who are not extremely active. It is a durable but not an exceedingly hard gem. Men would enjoy wearing peridot in cufflinks and tie tacks.

Since peridot is a relatively inexpensive gemstone, you easily can buy an alluring gem. We at Shinjyu Jewelry can find lovely peridot of reasonable sizes for custom-made jewelry at good prices. 


To sum up its allure, peridot has a soft, velvety texture and a special warm, slightly olive green color with subtle overtones of yellow. This gemstone's beauty complements many colors and styles of clothing - professional, nostalgic, playful, romantic, to name but a few. Peridot jewelry will always be a stable in anyone's wardrobe, be that person you, a friend, or a loved one.

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