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Colors and Varieties of Peridot

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Usually the colors of peridot vary from a yellowish green through a green to a brownish green, the most desirable being yellowish green and green with a hint of yellow. Its color varies according to the variety and trade name.

CHRYSOLITE is the name some give to PERIDOT in the light yellow-green to greenish yellow color range and is especially given to peridot which is pale in color.

OLIVINE is the name that used to be applied to PERIDOT in Europe and the United States. It is rarely used today. In addition, OLIVINE is the name given by mineralogists to a dark yellow green to brownish green to almost brown stone.

These days in the United States, the only term in general use is PERIDOT.

HAWAIIAN PERIDOT, sometimes called HAWAIITE is a pale green PERIDOT found in lava near Lilo, Hawaii.

ARIZONA PERIDOT from the state of Arizona in the United States is usually found is small sizes and light tones. That being said, sometimes peridot of good size and color can be found in Arizona.

EGYPTIAN PERIDOT is properly applied only to PERIDOT from St. John's Island in the Red Sea.

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