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Sometimes, a "Peridot" Gemstone is not a Peridot

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On one hand, peridots are sometimes sold as other gemstones, or, on the other hand, other gemstones are sometimes sold as peridots.

Sometimes, sellers make honest mistakes. At other times, sellers make deliberate deliberate misrepresentations. Demantoid garnet, emerald, tourmaline, chrysoberyl, zircon, and sapphire are the most common bungles.

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If the gem you are considering purchasing is represented as "evening emerald" or "night emerald," it is probably peridot. However, if the gemstone is identified as "oriental emerald", it is probably olive green sapphire.

"Peridot of Ceylon", also called "Peridot of Sri Lanka", is usually yellow or yellowish-green tourmaline. It's best to get assurances before you make your purchase.

"Peridotite" is a very basic igneous rock, consisting chiefly of olivine and pyroxene. You would not want this stone for fine jewelry.

Other common mistakes, deliberate or not,  are the representation of synthetic corundum or synthetic spinel soude triplets as peridot.

Rarely, peridot is oiled or is treated by filling any fractures in the gemstone with a resin or other such substance.

Here at Shinjyu Jewelry we understand the special warm green of natural peridot and will help you make the right choice  of natural untreated Peridot for your jewelry collection.

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