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Healing and Protective Qualities of Peridot

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Through the centuries many qualities attributed to peridot have been recorded in the lore of many cultures.


The thirteenth century treatise THE BOOK OF WINGS, COMPOSED UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF HEBREW, AND GRECO-ROMAN TRADITIONS (Author unknown) attributes the power over the wind as well as power over demons to any peridot gemstone which has the figure of a vulture carved into it. 
The author insists that the gemstone be peridot and no other.  Furthermore, the peridot must be set in gold jewelry in order to maximize its full power. 

The author writes that, if these conditions were met, demons would be subject to the command of the one who wore such specially-crafted peridot jewelry. In addition, demons would not be able to congregate in a menacing gang - so long as a person wore such specially-made peridot jewelry.

In a similar manner, by surrounding the wearer's body with a shield of protection, peridot jewelry dispelled vaque terrors of the night and also warded off the evil wiles of  such dark spirits who roam the darkness. 


Peridot is said by some to be associated with the Spleenic Chakra. As such, it is a purifier and a tonic that strengthens and regenerates the body while cleaning and stimulating the heart.

As to matters of digestion, peridot is said to aid in the absorption of foods and to heal inflamed and ulcerous conditions of the bowels.

Peridot also is said to help in the birthing process both by stimulating contractions and by opening the birth canal.


Peridot emits a warm and friendly energy.  Such green eminence helps you to relax into an acceptence of the changes in your life. In this process of growth, peridot also helps you recognize possible detrimental patterns during the life changes that happen to you as you grow.

In fact some say that peridot set as the featured gem in jewelry made for you will assist in your growth to an enlightened state.

We offer the above information as a matter of interest in the lore of peridot and not as medical advice.

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