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How to Select a Good Peridot

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When you are pricing a peridot gemstone, keep in mind that very large, fine quality peridot gems are uncommon.


First of all, do not consider peridot with flaws to your unaided eye for your jewelry unless you happen to be very attracted to that particular gemstone. The appearance of "flaws" in peridot lowers the cost of the gemstone quite a bit. This cost factor is contrasts with the factor of the appearance of "flaws" to your unaided eye in emeralds, in which case such
flaws are acceptable.

Emerald crystals and Peridot crystals have been formed differently.


You should examine the appearance of the facet edges of the peridot you are considering for jewelry. If they are abraded or badly worn, the price of repolishing should be deducted by the seller from the price of the gemstone.


Peridot is rarely treated. If it is enhanced, you may be able to detect cracks filled with a colorless oil or resin, much in the same manner as the treatment of emerald. Look for signs of these treatments and get assurance from your jeweler's gemologist. If not, you could lose the special velvety green that attracted you by exposure to household chemicals or by ultrasonic cleaning.


Above all though, remember that the charm of Peridot lies with its remarkable color, a green that some would call citrusy. With that peridot green comes a soft, velvety glow. That brassy emerald glare would never do if you desire for the more subtle luster of peridot.

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