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Life-Enhancing Qualities Attributed by Some to Ruby

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Many people throughout the world feel that the gemmy Ruby set in jewelry is an excellent shielding stone, protecting the wearer and safeguarding consciousness from psychic attack. As well, this gemstone aids in spiritual as well as material growth. Ruby is felt also by many as an aid in building material prosperity


In past years, ruby has been said to facilitates access to the teaching of ancient Indian Masters. Perhaps such a property is the basis of the New Age belief that ruby is an excellent crystal for re-birthing and releasing blockages which restrain the journey along a person's spiritual path.

These days some hold that ruby facilitate the acquisition of true wisdom by stimulating the Heart Chakra and helping in the clarification and attainment of ultimate personal values.


The thirteenth century treatise BOOK OF WINGS, attributed to Raqiel with influences from Hebrew and Greco Roman traditions, states that "the beautiful and terrible figure of a dragon" carved on a ruby has the power to draw to the wearer the goods of the world and so make that wearer joyious and healthy.

Many cultures associate ruby with the attraction and protection of wealth. If fact, some have beliefs that if a ruby dimmed, misfortune will befall its owner. Likewise, if a ruby were to brighten, the owner's fortune would increase.

New Age lore sees the ruby as an excellent gem for protecting one's material well being. The better the color and clarity, the greater the protection.


The energy of ruby is intense and vivid, bringing lucidity to dream states. Such lucidity is said to bring clarity to the dreamers understanding of how his or her emotional state affects that dreamer's waking life.

In affairs of the heart, ruby has an outstanding success in stimulating love. It does so, I am told, by encouraging a person's emotional side to be positive and nurturing. During such a process of growth, ruby promotes the wearer's spiritual wisdom, thus improving health, knowledge and wealth.

It is interesting that New Agers use rubies to promote refinement of will as a love-based force. Thus, rubies encourage gentleness and discourage violence, a trait of a true nobility which is secure of itself.

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