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The Meaning of "Shinjyu" to Mitsuko

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"Shinjyu" is a Japanese word suggesting a truly-rounded sphere found only in a cultured pearl of incomparable quality. A pearl of such perfection will never be found - except in the reality of Mitsuko's dream quest.

In this way "Shinjyu" suggests an artisan's never-to-be-completed journey during a lifetime of striving to achieve the perfection of the technical skills that an artist must develop to express one's art.

When Mitsuko speaks in a reflective way about her body of work - the jewelry she has created during her lifetime - she voices a compelling blend of emotions: determination, sadness, longing, joy, satisfaction, expectation, pride, dissatisfaction, acceptance ...

Her quest for perfection is such that the nearer Mitsuko approaches her destination - her personal "shinjyu" as a creator of jewelry - the more such achievement teases and challenges - always beckoning, never to be fully embraced.

In other words, Mitsuko's quest is in the delight and satisfaction she discovers each time she begins the process of creation. Whether she works solely with silver, gold, platinum or whether she incorporates precious gems into her designs, she delights in making jewelry.

With each new beginning, be it an elaborate platinum and diamond wedding set, a pectoral cross or a pair of post earrings, she devotes herself to the creation of that particular piece of jewelry. She draws from a large inventory of skills and selects the highest quality of materials appropriate to each request made of her by clients, family, friends or, especially, her personal muse.

In short, Mitsuko's delight in creating each new creation of jewelry is in experiencing the growth of her imagination as well as in the cultivation of her artisan skills.

Perfection, as you might correctly perceive, is not so much her goal as it is her dream quest. Creating jewelry is Mitsuko's way of reaching toward her personal

Perhaps such a dream quest is at the heart of each of our life journeys. Each of us seems to create our own path, our own journey toward "shinjyu" to be traveled toward but to be fully realize only in our dreamsquest.

When Fate first nudges a person toward the special path that leads to life fulfillment, a child, most likely, grows in awareness of that journey's full meaning as life unfolds. So it was for the five-year-old Mitsuko on that New Year Day when Fate sent her a message that, as an adult, she continues to uncover fuller meanings, New Year by New Year.

During one particular New Year some time ago, her family, as did many families in Tokyo, celebrated the beginning of the New Year by enjoying "sumashi", a special holiday clear broth containing a single oyster. On that warm and happy day as the child Mitsuko savored the warm "sumashi". she quite unexpectedly bit on something hard and round.

"What's this?" she demanded of her Mother as she pulled what seemed to be a round, lustrous pebble out of her mouth.

Immediately, her always-patient Mother understood the displeasure of her mercurial daughter she then explained to Mitsuko that this discovery was very fortunate, that this "pebble" from the soup was actually a pearl.

And, as you might surmise, her Mother was quite right about the discovery of that pearl by her curious child. You see, Fate had conveyed a message of "shinjyu" to the young Mitsuko .

It was many years later that Mitsuko learned of delight her Mother felt in understanding that Fate had given the Family a message portending the direction of young Mitsuko as she would develop to adulthood. In fact, the Family commissioned a skillful jeweler to make a gold ring set with the pearl.

Even though this pearl ring, unfortunately, has since been misplaced, the message sent by the pearl will always inform the jewelry created by Mitsuko.

"My life has been truly blessed!" Mitsuko exclaims with thankfulness whenever she remembers that remarkable pearl in her sumashi on that as a small child living with fer family in Tokyo.

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