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"Rubies" That Are Not Rubies

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Ruby is such a desirable gemstone that people have been looking for ways to get one all down through the ages. Unfortunately, all of the gems that have been called "rubies" are not rubies. Some are imitation rubies, some synthetic rubies, and some are natural gemstones that have been called "rubies", either mistakenly or on purpose.
Shinjyu Jewelry will not sell imitation nor synthetic rubies. Nor will we represent any gemstones as a gemstone other than it is.


* Foil Back

Gem or gem-appearing faceted material having a reflecting material attached to the back which makes the "gem" appear to be a brilliant ruby. Such a deception can usually be seen under close scutiny. To assure yourself,  buy only jewelry that has an open back to it.

* Glass or Plastic

Ruby colored glass is sometimes molded to look like a ruby. If it seems to be glass or plastic it probably is. If you are not sure, bring it to me.

* Cubic Zirconia and Similar Synthetics

Human-created gem material such as cubic zironium, for example, can be made to imitate a ruby by approximating its color. 


Synthetic Rubies are cut from human-made crystals that have the same physical properties are natural (earth-grown) crystals. There are three processes.

* Flame-Fusion Rubies

This type is made in a Verneuil oven. Linde star is an example.

* Rubies by Hydrothermal Process

An example is the "ruby" created by Kashan.

* Flux-grown Ruby

The most successful company that makes this type of synthetic ruby is Chatham. Chatham also makes emeralds and opals.

Synthetic rubies cost more than imitation rubies since there is more investment in their manufacture.  In fact, there is an established market for such synthetics.  Manufacturers identify synthetic rubies as such and your jeweler is obligated by law to disclose their nature.


Bohemian Ruby
Red or rose quartz
Colorado Ruby
Pyrope Garnet
Ely or Elie Ruby
Red Pyrope from Eliue, Scotland
Fashoda Rudy
Iron-rich pyrope from Tanzania
Geneva Ruby
Earliest reconstructed ruby, probably first made near Geneva
Mont Blanc Ruby
Reddish quartz
Ruby Glass
Bright red glass
Spinel-Red Ruby
Red sapphire
Rock Ruby
Red pyrope garnet
Ruby sapphire
amethystine sapphire
Spinel Ruby
Red spinel
Vermeil ruby
Orangy red corundum
Wyse ruby
An alternative name for "Geneva ruby"
Adelaide Ruby
Blood red pyrope garnet from South Africa
Alabandine Ruby
Almandine garnet from ancient Alabanda. Now sometimes applied to violetish red spinel
American Ruby
Red Garnet
Ancona Ruby
Reddish or brownish quartz colored by iron
Arizona Ruby
Deep red pyrope garnet from Arizona and Utah
Australian Ruby
Red garnet
Balas Ruby
Rose-red spinel that differs in color from ruby spinel

The natural gemstones listed in this table are beautiful and most desirable in their own right. These gemstones are lovely. You can wear these gems in jewelry under their own names.

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