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Tanzanite, December's Birthstone

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Tanzanite's rich velvety blue hue, heightened with an everchanging display of purple and lavender undertones delights and entrances the senses. One of the first things you see is the play of blues, purples and lavenders. The prominence of of each of these color depends on the light you are in.  Because of this fascinating and pleasurable play of Tanzanite's three colors, you may never be quite certain of the exact color. But, surely, such beauty is best left uncaged.
Many gemstone enthusists who delight in gemstones are certain that Tanzanite, at its best, has the finest hue of any blue gemstone. To read more about this delightful gemstone, please click on the following links:

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As a gemstone for those born in December, you might want another natural gem, the dramatic, sparkling Blue Zircon. Use the link below to read more.

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