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General History of Pearls

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In all cultures in recorded history pearls have  been praised as one of the most regal and valuable of gems.

Pearls had been worn in Middle Eastern and Asian societies at least as early as 3500 B. C. The oldest surviving pearl necklace has been found in the sarcophagus of a Persian Princess.  It is almost 2000 years old.

During the time of the Great Roman Empire, pearls had been so valued as a symbol of status and wealth that the “unworthy” had been prohibited to wear them.

Certainly, one significant factor for the high value of pearls during the past  was their scarcity. Pearls, at the time were created solely by chance. It is said that thousands of oysters had to be search to find even one pearl, regardless of its quality.  A pearl of high quality was then truly a pearl without price. Because of their uniqueness in the past, pearls were such important financial assets that often they were comparable in price to real estate.  In fact, one Roman General is said to have financed his entire political campaign with the sale of a single pearl earring.

Further, during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe, dense beds of European Pearl Mussels in Scotland, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia were  sources of “river pearls” for the nobility and for the church. You can see many portraits of European royalty adorned from head to toe with pearls.

In fact, European royalty of the time valued their pearls so much that some enacted legislation restricting the use of pearls among the commoners.

Pearls were in style in the past, pearls are in style today, pearls will always be in style. Pearls are truly timeless gems. writt

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