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Lore Surrounding Pearls

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Pearls have great prominence in the mythology of so many cultures. Many stories have as a theme that Pearls are a gift from above. And no wonder! Given natural pearls' rarity, as well as their mysterious beauty, who could argue that pearls might not indeed be such gifts?

In Hindu culture, pearls are linked with the Moon and thus are imbued with feelings of love and purity. For instance, Hindu texts depict Krishna, after discovering the first pearl, gave this gift to his daughter on her wedding day.

In the Islamic tradition, the Koran views the pearl as one of the great rewards found in Paradise. The pearl, in this view, has become a symbol of perfection.

Christianity also has adopted the pearl as a symbol of purity and spiritual illumination.

Much of this symbolism enhancing pearls continues to enrich our lives today. For example, pearls are often associated with brides and weddings, most probably since the wedding of Krishna’s daughter.

In much of today’s globalized society, pearls have acquired so many meanings: the sorrow as well as the joy that comes with tears, the blessings of love and fertility, the state of purity, the comfort of protection from evil.

The colors of pearls also have been associated with certain qualities:
* black or gold with wealth
* blue with love
* pink with success.

Medicinal Qualities of Pearls

Pearls have been used as traditional medicine to improve health. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry continues to use pearls by grinding pearls of non-gem quality into powder to make pharmaceutical-grade calcium.

From ancient China and India to medieval Europe and Arabia, pearls have been used for such purposes as aphrodisiacs and cures for insanity.

Some of our friends of the New Age persuasion have thought that pearls could be used for their curative powers when worn as jewelry. Other people have told me that pearls could be ground up and made into potions, balms, and salves used to treat a wide variety of ailments and conditions. One legend has it that a pearl placed in the navel could cure stomach disorders!

Other conditions for which pearls are prescribed include memory loss, insomnia, asthma, jaundice, liver ailments, heart problems, infertility, and insect or snake bites. Clearly, the pearl was believed to be an extremely powerful gem!

I must conclude with a medical disclaimer. We present this history and lore of pearls only as a matter of interest and thus neither make nor endorse the use of any pearls as medicine, only as adornment.

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