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Pearl Necklaces - Length and Size

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Mitsuko of Shinjyu Jewelry in Sacramento fashions pearl necklaces of many lengths incorporating many sizes and varieties of pearls.

We recommend however that a woman begin her pearl wardrobe with a single strand of classic cultured pearls. A white cultured Akoya pearl necklace is a particularly good choice. Its luminosity, simple elegance, and grace have made Akoya pearl necklaces an essential fashion choice, year after year.
The fascinating variety of pearls allow Mitsuko to fashion striking necklaces strung with many kinds of pearls. Some of our customers prefer a necklace made of larger South Sea Pearls in whites, gold, or multi colors. Other clients choose the coolness and mysterious dark beauty of Tahitian Pearls. And, of course, the elegance of the Akoya Pearl is always in fashion.

Pearl necklaces lift a woman's complexion and bring light and radiance to her face. A matching pearl necklace, whether freshwater or cultured, should enhance the tone of her skin so that it glows with delightful beauty.

When choosing a pearl necklace, either for yourself or as a gift, consider the following features: the length of the necklace, the number of strands, the origin, variety, quality and size of the pearls. As well, examine such features as the clasp, precious metal beads, and enhancers.


Mitsuko creates pearl necklaces in seven typical lengths: bib, collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope.

BIB NECKLACE: This necklace consists of several strands of pearls of varying lengths. Its name comes from this necklace's resemblance to a short, elegant bib.

COLLAR NECKLACE: 12 - 13 inches. This necklace is made of multiple strands of pearls worn high on the neck and held by a single clasp. The Pearl Collar necklace was very popular during the Victorian era and is again in demand.

CHOKER: 14 - 16 inches. This necklace is a classic length. The center pearl should lie in the hollow of the throat or just below it. A Choker can be worn with everything from casual clothing to very correct and formal wear.

PRINCESS NECKLACE: 17 - 19 inches. The Princess Pearl Necklace is another classic length for pearl necklaces. This versatile style can be worn with many different styles of neckline.

If you need to choose between a Pearl Choker necklace and a Princess Pearl Necklace, think first about your height and your style preferences. Ask Mitsuko to create a pearl necklace tailored especially for you if you cannot choose either a choker or a princess necklace.

MATINEE NECKLACE: 18- 24 inches, usually two strands of cultured pearls of uniformed size. This length of the Matinee Pearl Necklace works well for semiformal afternoon occasions and for business wear. The matinee length adds sophistication to a professional look. As well, it brings a look of elegance to an afternoon outing. Thus the name, "matinee".

On the other hand, the Matinee Pearl Necklace also is very suitable for evening dresses and gowns. The extra length conveys a sense of luxury and confidence.

On occasion, some women like to wear the Matinee Pearl Necklace with a Pearl Choker.

OPERA LENGTH NECKLACE: Generally 24 - 36 inches. This length of pearl necklace is usually created with a single strand of pearls. The Opera Length should fall below the bust, hanging almost to the waist.

The Opera Length Pearl Necklace is the queen of all lengths. It can be worn as a single strand or, on less formal occasions, doubled to be worn as a two-strand choker. The Opera Length goes with stylish outfits very well.

ROPE or SAUTOIR Pearl Necklace: Over 36 inches. This length of pearl necklace is elegant, sexy, and exciting to wear. It can be worn swinging below the waist, caught with a brooch, or looped around the neck. The Rope length is very versatile. A rope necklace can be doubled or tripled to create a stunning multi-strand pearl necklace. Many times you will see the rope length strung with colored gemstone beads, gold beads with multiple diamond clasps at regular intervals so that it can be divided into shorter stands.

Consult with Mitsuko to create the most fitting length of pearl necklace, either for you or as a gift. The length of a Sautoir or Rope Pearl Necklace should be personally tailored to each individual.


The pearls used in a necklace can all be of the same size; or they can be graduated, with a larger pearl in the center and with successively smaller pearls running back on each side to the clasp. Good matching and blending of the pearls in either the graduated pearl necklace or the uniform pearl necklace is of highest importance to convey an elegant feeling of luxury and well being.

The size of the pearls in the necklace, of course, is a matter of individual style. Many clients consider tradition for the the size of the pearls for their necklace. Other clients prefer to make an choice based on the style in current fashion. The choice is for the individual to make.

Many people, especially when selecting a gift for a special person, like to use the following suggestions as a rule of thumb when giving a pearl necklace as a gift.

Traditionally, certain pearl sizes are considered appropriate for women of various ages. The size of pearls in a necklace is considered important as an indication of age, wealth and social status.

These flowing guideline are for necklaces strung with a certain size of Akoya pearls.

5.5 to 6.5 millimeter Akoya pearls in necklaces are generally appropriate for teenage girls and younger women.

6.5 to 8.0 millimeter Akoya pearls in necklaces are traditionally worn by women in their mid-20's to their mid-30's. Women wearing this size have come of age. The pearls still remain modest and not too showy.

8.0 to 9.0 millimeter Akoya pearls in necklaces display an aura of status, class, and success. They are traditionally worn by women who have arrived. These pearls are more expensive, and so are associated with financial success.

Akoya Pearls of 9.0-10.0 millimeters are both rare and expensive. They are generally worn by wealthy women who have arrived.

These guidelines are for Akoya pearls. Tahitian pearls, South Sea Pearls and fresh water pearls grow at specific rates, under different conditions of water temperature and come from different varieties of mussel.


Please telephone - 916 978-9065 - or contact Mitsuko on-line for scheduling a time for consulting with her about creating the pearl necklace for you.

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