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Taking Care of Your Pearl Jewelry

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The following suggestions will help keep your pearls in excellent condition so, like the Hope Pearl, your jewelry can be worn proudly for generations to come: 
* Adorn yourself with your pearl jewelry after you have applied your make up, perfume, deodorants, and after shaves.

* Take some sensible precautions while wearing your pearl jewelry. For instance, never allow anything that might be acidic to contact your pearls. Remove a pearl ring before washing your hands. Take care when touching up your makeup or re-applying perfume.

* After you have worn your jewelry, gently wipe the pearls with a clean, soft lint free cloth in order to remove any thing such as skin oils, moisture, perfume and make up.

Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner or other jewelry cleaner. If you must apply a cleaner, use nothing stronger than a weak solution of water mild non-detergent soap. Rinse your pearl jewelry well. After that gently dry and polish your pearls.

* Keep your pearls in a silk bag to help avoid exposure to the drying influence of heat and light and handling.

* For the best maintenance, have your pearls professionally examined once a year, especially your pearl necklaces. The knots in-between the pearls might have become stretched or the thread might have become worn.

If necessary, have your pearl necklaces restrung. Ask that silk, not nylon thread be used. The knotting should be done with double thread and the knotting should be tight and strong between each pearl.using silk. Knotting is necessary, first of all, to protect the nacre of the pearl, especially at the drill holes. Secondly, knotting is necessary to prevent the loss of your pearls if your necklace is tugged at and broken.

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