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Zircon, Including the Color Blue

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Mitsuko delights in featuring zircon when creating jewelry.  She delights in zircon's sparkliness and loves savoring the many colors of zircon.  Mitsuko feels that Blue Zircon, one of the birthstones for December, is especially pretty.

Regretably however some of our friends confuse zircon,  with "cubic zirconium", a laboratory-grown diamond substitute.  Unfortunately, the names are similar. But the similarities end there. Zircon is the true, natural and quite beautiful gemstone.

The fire, brilliance, and luster of zircon, when cut well, equals or surpasses the beauty of any desirable gemstone.  


Zircon, with its wide range of colors, goes well with diamonds and is very attractive in earrings and pendants. Zircon endows cufflinks with flash.  As a center stone for an occasional ring, zircon will please all who see it. 

Green, yellow, brown, and orange-brown zircons add smart accents to woolen suits and tweed sports wear.  Blue Zircons do well in formal, business and dressy occasions.

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LINK - Tanzanite page for more about December's other birthstone.

Email Mitsuko using the following form if you have questions about Blue Zircon or if you want to place a special order for jewelry featuring Blue Zircon.

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