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Bloodstone, Alternative March Birthstone

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If you are looking jewelry for a person born in March, consider Bloodstone as an alternative to Aquamarine. Bright red, blood-like spots dot this unique, dark green, semi-translucent gemstone almost alwys cut en cabochen. Bloodstone is a gemstone certain people really appreciate.  

Bloodstone has been known as the martyr's stone.  Christians in the Middle Ages used Bloodstone to carve figures of martyrs and scenes of crucifixion. Legend has it that Bloodstone was first formed when drops of the Christ's blood stained stone at the foot of the Cross.

A beautiful example of Bloodstone carved with the seal of the German Emperor Rudolf II can be seen at the Louvre.


The metaphysical gemologist Melody identifies Bloodstone as a healing gemstone.  In ancient times, Bloodstone was used to stop bleeding, especially nosebleeds. Healers also have used Bloodstone to correct failing eyesight, lung congestion, and rashes. As well, New Age healers think of Bloodstone as an aid to the circulation of blood and of energy centers in the body. Today, finely pulverised Bloodstone is used as a medicine and as an aphrodisiac in India.

Bloodstone has also been identified as a talisman for courage as well as for protection. Bloodstone has been used in amulets to protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Bloodstone is mined in India, China, Brazil, Australia, and the United States.


First of all, when you are selecting Bloodstone, you might run across it by other names.  For instance, it is also known as heliotrope.  Some people identify a variety of green plasma with red spots as Bloodstone.  Hematite is sometimes called by its ancient name, Bloodstone.  And then there are people who try to call Fancy Jasper by the name Bloodstone.  But do not be fooled.  As well, do not buy any any plastic imitations.

Secondly, when you have found true Bloodstone, look for an attractive dark green, semi-transparent cabochon with a  pleasing distribution of blood-like, dark red spots. The cabochon should be well cut with a symmetrical and even profile, an excellent dome, superior polish and a very small bezel.  Such a gemstone would be a delight, well worth the slight premium in price.

Finally, set your Bloodstone in jewelry especially designed for you.  For a premium grade Bloodstone, I would suggest using yellow metal rather then white. However many people ask for a silver setting.  Both will work, depending on the look you create for yourself.

Ask Mitsuko to create jewelry for you in Yellow Gold or in Silver.

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